Where will LWBC graduates work & serve?
Graduates may serve as pastors, youth pastors, children’s pastors and ministers, Bible teachers, hospital chaplains, jail ministry, personal evangelists, missionaries, homeless missions, bible university professors, instructors, campus directors, worship leaders, Sunday school teachers . . . countless other ministries.

Does LWBC ordain ministers?
  • LWBC will not be automatically bestowing ordination to students who have completed any level of degree through LWBC.
  • Ordination is a spiritual calling, through a spiritual covering.
  • A ministerial academic degree is your part of the preparation process.

Is LWBC only for those interested in full-time ministry?
It's not ONLY about ministry. It's about becoming great where you are! Business owners, successful executives, career employees all benefit from a Biblical education at LWBC

Will child care be provided?
Child care will not be provided during class times.

Is Distance/Online Learning available?
LWBC Does offer distance learning for series one and series two classes. If you are interested in this option please use the contact us.

Are there any tuition discounts?
There are no available tuition discounts.

Can I use my GI Bill?
The GI Bill does not provide for universities whose accreditation is not with the Department of Education.

Because LWBC is so young, how can I trust that it will continue?
This is a long-term commitment that has been a part of the Living Word Bible Church vision from its inception. LWBC is growing and adding classes every year.

For any questions not answered here, please contact us.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Studies

Future Students Associate Degree in Theology – awarded upon successful completion of the second-year program for academic credit (60 credit-hours total).
Bachelor's Degree in Worship Ministry – awarded upon successful completion of the four-year program for academic credit (120 credit-hours total).
Bachelor’s Degree in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling or Christian Education – awarded upon successful completion of the four-year program for academic credit (120 credit-hours total).

Have Credits to Transfer?

Master's Studies

Master’s in Theology, Pastoral Ministry, Christian Counseling or Christian Education – awarded upon successful completion of 36 credit-hours of study at the graduate level.

Doctoral Studies

Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) in Theology or Pastoral Ministry – awarded upon successful completion of 15 credit-hours of study at the post-graduate level.
A capstone to all previous academic degrees, representing the most prestigious accomplishment in a student’s educational endeavors, includes a 150 page doctoral dissertation. Dissertation requirements available from the Director's Office.

Servant Leadership

Servant Leadership is simply volunteer ministry in any area of church work during the 9-month duration of the program. Students are required to give an average of 2 hours per week (or a minimum 72 hours) of volunteer or professional service to their local church or an acceptable substitute. Seniors must fulfill their Servant Leadership requirement in a function related to their major. This service, verified by a church leader, earns the student 3 credit-hours.

Future Students

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to pursue a ministerial education. Not only does this decision start you on a path with limitless possibilities, it fuels your purpose. Whether you have been searching for your career or have been in your field for years, a ministerial education will ignite your destiny in the kingdom of God. Follow these steps to get started right away.

Choose a Schedule
Go to our “Courses” page to choose which schedule you will sign up for.

Complete the Application
Go to the “Application” page. Print out the application and complete it.

Submit Your Application
Bring your application, copy of your High School Diploma or GED, application fee and your tuition for the first course to the LWBC campus.

Request Your Transcripts
If you have attended other colleges and/or universities, contact them to have your official transcripts sent to us at:
Living Word Bible College
3520 E. Brown Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85213

Check Your Email
You will receive important information about Student Orientation and Tuition via email. Be sure to check your email often.


Faculty Bios

Dr. Dionne ArceneauxDr. Dionne Arceneaux, Bible College Director
Pastor Dionne N. Arceneaux is an ordained pastor and full time staff member at The Living Word. She serves as our Bible College Administrator and as one of our Professors. Pastor Dionne is an alumni of Grand Canyon University and Argosy University. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Sociology, and Master of Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Education with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership. She is committed to the empowerment and growth of our students and seeing them experience the promises of God in every area of their lives; she wholeheartedly believes that our Bible College is a great route along that journey. She lives by a cornerstone of leaving an indelible mark on the lives of others. She believes that destiny is written by choice, not chance.

Pastor Tammy Zubeck, Associate ProfessorPastor Tammy Zubeck, Student and Faculty Advisor/Curriculum Director
After graduating with a B.S. from Clemson University, Tammy Zubeck was a high school math teacher for 10 years. During that time she earned her M.Ed. from Northern Arizona University and has taught math in the Maricopa Community College system since 1998. In addition, she has edited and ghost-written a number of books for a variety of Christian authors. Prior to attending and graduating from Living Word University, Tammy was involved with developing a complete Bible College program for pastors throughout Uganda. Once completed, the program will be used for pastors all over the world. Tammy has been with Living Word since 1988 and has served in many areas of the church, from running the children's ministry to music, intercession, drama, teaching, youth ministry and women's ministry. Tammy has also co-written a 2-year comprehensive children's church curriculum that is being used in churches all over the nation. Currently, she and her husband Jeff co-pastor Living Word Ahwatukee, the first Living Word Bible Church satellite campus, where she oversees her campus women's ministries. Her vision is to plainly teach the Word and to encourage women to grow in their God-given destiny.

Pastor Ben Lee, Associate ProfessorBen Lee, Associate Professor
Pastor Ben Lee has been serving the Lord since age 13. He was called into the ministry while serving in the Coast Guard in 1995. He served as a Youth Pastor in Southern California for 7 years and after moving back to Arizona, he served in the Men's Ministry at Living Word from 2006 till 2009. Then his wife and he were called to build a church in San Tan Valley. Even though the journey has been challenging at times, seeing the Lord move and teach them has been worth it the whole time. Pastor Ben has ministered in India twice, acted in a faith based movie coming out in early 2021 called "The Righteous Twelve," and was able to secure a former school for their church. Ben graduated with his master's degree from Living Word Bible College and has been teaching for LWBC for 5 years. He is currently teaching at an extension campus located at the church he pastors, Living Waters Bible Church in San Tan Valley.

Julia StephensonDr. Julia Stephenson, Associate Professor
Julia Stephenson, “Julie,” was born in Burley, Idaho (Go College of Idaho Coyotes!) and met God in the United Presbyterian Church. She was “born again” on 19 September 1972 in Twin Falls, Idaho, and simultaneously filled with the Holy Spirit. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from The College of Idaho, Caldwell, Idaho in 1977. In October of 1989, she joined Living Word Bible Church where she continues to serve to this date. She earned her M. Ed., Counseling, University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ, in 1991, graduating with highest honors. In June of 2015 she received her M.A. in Theology from Living Word U and has been an Associate Professor at Living Word Bible College from 2015 to today. Julia says, “At my worst moments, God shows His best to me; I have seen a lot of His best. I have never met an enemy, other than the one spoken of in the Bible; everyone is my friend, even though some of them have not figured that out yet.”

Dr. John AndersonDr. John Anderson, Associate Professor
John was born in 1949 and, in his words, “wasted a perfectly good youth”, meeting Jesus in 1970. Called to ministry shortly after receiving the Holy Spirit, it took nearly ten years before he started the first church in North Platte, NE. John was there from 1980 to 1998 starting three other churches while there. In 1998 he moved to Kansas City to help a friend start a church in the inner city. John moved from there to Phoenix in 2014 where he says, “I was blessed to find Living Word Church. Having held a desire to teach in a Bible college for more than 25 years, I was doubly blessed to be allowed to do that here! It is an amazing blessing to be where I am, doing what I am doing. I am so very excited!!“

Charles Wagner, Associate ProfessorDr. Julianne Collins
Juliane Collins is a lay Pastor at Living Word and has been on staff since 2000. She was a student at Living Word Bible College starting with the first class at its opening in 2012 and was the first to receive her Doctorate through LWBC. Juliane has been running the women’s ministry, Jesuschicks, for 10 years and is often a guest teacher at various at Living Word Bible Studies and at Living Word campuses. Her passion is to never forget her “first love” and by the power of the Holy Spirit help others see Him more clearly, know Him more intimately, and therefore experience the beauty and love of God. As a professor she wants her students to know the knowledge they’re receiving is not meant to stand alone; it’s supposed to be consumed with the intention to know God face to face.

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