Scholarship Application

Scholarship Application

LWBC Scholarship Application
The purpose of this scholarship program is to make it possible for an individual to attend LWBC for the length of one Program (9 courses plus Servant Leadership) without the burden of tuition. The scholarship is funded through private donors. The continued availability of the scholarship is based entirely on funding. The scholarship will be applied to the first two courses initially, and then one course at a time thereafter, remaining one course ahead of the recipient. A total of 4 scholarships will be awarded; two for Theological Degree students and two for Worship Ministry Degree students.

The awarded individual will have the following requirements in order to continue to receive the scholarship:
• Participating at the undergraduate level
• GPA requirement of 3.0
• Volunteering requirement: in addition to the 72 hours of Ministry Practicum, the beneficiary of this scholarship will be required to volunteer at the LWBC registration table for 1.5 hours each weekend (45 minutes before a service and 45 minutes after) during each registration period for the duration of their participation in the scholarship program
• Assignment Timeliness: all assignments must be submitted on time, no exceptions. Tardy assignments may result in termination of the scholarship
• Adherence to all other LWBC policies

If any of these requirements is not met, a meeting between the student and the College Specialist will be scheduled to discuss what action will be taken. If funding ceases prior to the completion of the courses, the student will be notified in writing that the scholarship has been terminated. The student may choose to pay the tuition themselves or notify LWBC, in writing, of their decision to withdraw.

If you wish to be considered for renewal of your scholarship you must reapply by the scholarship deadline announced on the LWBC Website (Scholarship page) each year. Please keep in mind that selection for awards is competitive and dollar values are subject to available funding. Renewal eligibility and award amounts are not automatic or guaranteed. Please review applicable eligibility criteria to ensure that you remain eligible for this scholarship prior to submitting your new application each year.

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